“Cause of Death” 1st Draft Finished!

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Hi everyone,

I am so excited! I finished the first draft to my female detective novel, “Cause of Death” a couple of days ago. It’s the novel I started in November through NaNoWriMo.

Now, I am looking forward to the revision and editing process. The word count for my first draft was 80,492. I’m curious to see if that will increase or decrease by the time I finish revising and editing.

Cause of Death
Here’s a ‘blurb’ about my book:

Annie Avants turns her back on her Southern roots and becomes a homicide detective in Kern County, California. Her partner, Tom Weston, suffered a life tragedy six years earlier when his wife was killed on live TV during a bank hostage situation.

Noura Zapata breaks all her personal rules as a Paralegal to a high-powered defense attorney to do a favor for her brother who is a member of the gang, SouthSide Bakers.

Jesse Greyeyes wants to be District Attorney instead of just a Deputy DA. He also wants Annie, but his Native American roots make him both arrogant and defensive about both goals.

Laine DelMonte, Chief of Technical Investigations (CSI) has a secret she’s kept hidden for five years and is always looking over her shoulder

Can this diverse group solve a slew of serial killings in Kern County? The serial killer targets young Hispanic women and holds them captive for nine days before they die, or he kills them.

His cause of death? Black widow spiders.

I will publish this book as an eBook on all the various Amazon sites, as well as on SmashWords.  So, it will be available in just about any format you have.

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Renee Benzaim

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  • Thank you for the heads up. I am not sure what to do about the problem, though. I don’t believe it’s a format issue because I haven’t heard this before. Do you have any suggestions?

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