How I Found “My Treasure” – Writing


In my Heart, I was always a Writer!

A few years back, I decided to look back over my life and pinpoint the times when I had been faced between choosing between two or more different life paths to follow.

After I’d made my list, the next step was to try to understand why I had chosen the path I took, and what my life might have been like if I had chosen a different path.

An excellent post I recently read by Jeff Goins ( called “How to Fnd Your Life’s Treasure” ( made me realize that all my life I had bypassed by true treasure – to write – at several different crossroads and opted instead for the “glitter” of the fools gold that beckoned.

And, no matter what I accomplished, I never felt “real” – I always felt like I was playing a part.

I chose a new, final path a couple of years ago (some considered it a cop out; some of my family members still aren’t speaking to me). I left my life at that time behind me, moved to a foreign country that intrigued me, and now, I write every single day. And I feel connected with myself in a way that had eluded me all my life. I feel real now.

If you get a chance, check out Jeff Goins’ blog. All of his posts are excellent and they are always insightful and cause me to think – something someone once accused me of doing too much of!