Have You Talked to a Green Witch Today?

Have you talked to a Green Witch Today?

In the introduction to my latest Det. Annie Avants crime fiction novel, GREEN WITCH, DEAD WITCH, I said this:

green witch“Yes, there really are green witches.  But they aren’t made of chocolate and won’t melt when you throw water on them.  In fact, there are many green witches around the world . . . and white witches, gray witches, good witches, evil witches, garden witches, kitchen witches, cottage witches, and many more.  Each person who makes the decision to follow the path of witch, creates his or her own journey.

A green witch is a nature-based witch.  Green witches believe that all things are connected and have their own energy.  When they perform magic, they use the gifts of nature – herbs, crystals, rocks, plants, flowers, etc.  They respect and follow the phases of the moon.  They respect the four elements – air, water, fire, and earth.  Some add a fifth element – spirit – the universal life spirit that lives in all things.

They have a code – “An Ye Harm None – Do What Ye Will.”  What does this mean?  Some translate it to mean:  “if it is not going to hurt anyone, it’s okay to do.”.

The witches in this story are green witches.  I haven’t made up a “witch persona” and I’m not making up a mythical world that my witches inhabit.  They live in Kern County just like anyone else.  They live among us.  They are our friends and neighbors.”

When I first thought about writing Green Witch, Dead Witch, I was making the attributes of my witches as I went along.  (In fact, Lily Rose was NOT a witch, she was a fairy named Fiona who could unpack her wings and levitate on the spot).    Then, for over a year, I researched green witches.  Along the way, I decided to keep Clem Moonstone realistic and change Fiona into a witch just starting her first year of training.  Like a real witch would do.

I learned a lot during my research.  For instance, if you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, casting a spell is basically the same as invoking the Law of Attraction to bring something into your life.  Many real witches know this.  In fact, an excellent book on the subject is “Magick and the Law of Attraction: A User’s Guide” by Maggie Shayne.  It can be found at Amazon along with other books on the same subject.

Why am I explaining all of this?  One of my beloved beta readers was concerned that I was drifting off into the genre of “fantasy.”  Here’s what she said:

I think about your target audience being those that liked the first three books or at least they read likely one of them. The books, being a police mystery type book. So that being said, I am concerned that the ending is almost purely fantasy. What I mean is that since I was reading a true to life type mystery I expected to find a realistic type ending. (Cops save the day example) So even though it was great to understand what and how green witches live and learn etc. I thought that the ending of the book would be based in more realism instead of fantasy so that kind of seemed un-natural. I could, kind of, relate if the girl that was kidnapped thought that was true but…. All the cops believing the fantasy was real??  If your target audience were fantasy readers then they would love the ending you have.

The key word in her comment was “fantasy.”  I tried my darndest not to include any “fantasy” in my book.  I based it on real witches and experiences they had.  When I explained this to her, she understood what I was trying to accomplish.

I guess my point is that there are people who follow the path of witch and they are real, everyday people.  Whether you believe or not, they exist and they’re really caring women.  One of my reviews, which is in another blog post I wrote, said “This story is entirely about Magick – Green magick. The concept is put across very strong that witches do exist among us today and most of them are good witches. The idea is put across very subtly and nicely. In fact it makes you want to meet a green witch.”  (Review by Devi Nair).

So, there you have it.  If you read Green Witch, Dead Witch, I hope you enjoyed it.  If not, and I’ve piqued your curiosity, you can find it here:

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Happy reading!