“No Witnesses to Nothing” – a great read by Garry Rodgers

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When I find great books I’ve read in the crime fiction genre, I like to let my readers know about it. This book really blew me away and I recommend it to everyone.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Based on a true police story straight out of CSI or The X-FILES where many believe that paranormal intervention occurred!

Sergeant Sharlene Bate of I-HIT, Vancouver’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, pries open Pandora’s Box when two drug informers are brutally executed and a tragedy occurs where two young Mounties attempt to capture a madman terrorizing the Canadian Yukon wilderness.

No ordinary madman, the Tlingit people say. It’s The Kushtaka. The Wildman-of-the-Woods. The mythical being who tricks you, kills you, and steals your soul. Sergeant Bate exhumes more of the Aboriginal legend: After a gun-fight with the shapeshifter, the officers’ souls are trapped in a twilight zone – the world in-between.

So begins a life and death quest for the truth of why the informants had to be murdered. From the treacherous Hells Angels conspiracy in the prisons of America and the jungles of Colombia – to the spiritual journey in a Shaman’s sweatlodge, deep in the Australian Outback – is there a supernatural entity now hunting for Sharlene Bate’s soul?

I’m waiting anxiously for the sequel, it was that good!  Check it out!  Available in print edition or for the Kindle.

No Witnesses To Nothing

No Witnesses To Nothing
Garry Rodgers is a retired RCMP homicide detective and forensic coroner. He served as a sniper on British SAS-trained Emergency Response Teams and is a recognized expert-witness in firearms. He definitely knows what he’s talking about.  You can also check out his website: Dying Words.

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