Annie Avants, Female Detective

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog dedicated to the lovely Annie Avants. female detective. Annie works for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office in Bakersfield, California and is a member of the Robbery/Homicide Unit.

Originally from Arkansas, she escaped to California so she could pursue her life-long dream of a career in law enforcement.

Her parents want her to settle down in Arkansas and give them grand-babies.

Her “admirer” wants a traditional life even though he, also, is in law enforcement and knows the drill.

These are her personal demons.

However, there are bigger problems looming on the horizon that demand her attention. Someone has been abducting and killing young Hispanic women and she is the lead investigator tasked with finding the killer.

She works hard on this case along with her partner, veteran Detective Thomas Weston, Deputy District Attorney Jesse Greyeyes, and Chief Technical Investigator (CSI) Laine DelMonte.

Will they be able to stop the killer before another woman falls victim?

This is the story in the first book of the Annie Avants, Female Detective, series entitled “Cause of Death” and it will be published by the end of April.

Cause of Death

In the meantime, I will post the background stories on Annie and her friends and co-workers so you can get to know them a little better.

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I look forward to sharing my people, and their stories, with you.


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