Damage Control (Detective Annie Avants #2)


Detective Annie Avants Book 2


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Detectives Annie Avants and Tom Weston tackle one of the most perplexing murder mysteries since they began working together.

The victim is a local, well-respected attorney who has gone missing.

There’s not much evidence to go on. His car was found an hour’s drive out of Bakersfield with blood on the passenger seat.

No body has been found.

His staff is in a quandary. He had a new trial scheduled to begin the next morning. Everything was set to go.

And then, he just disappeared.

A mysterious package left in the restroom of the Kern County Courthouse leads our detectives to believe that the attorney is dead.

And now. . . another person has gone missing!

Will our detectives find the answers before a media frenzy erupts in the Kern County/Bakersfield area? Will an FBI profiler be called in to help? Will they come to understand the kinds of criminal minds that lead someone to be a serial killer and narrow the list of suspects?

This fast-paced thriller will keep you reading well into the night to find out ‘who dun it?’

This book is available at all Amazon stores, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and in various other formats through SmashWords.

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