Cause of Death (Detective Annie Avants #1)


Detective Annie Avants Book 1


Cause of Death 270 x 400

Annie Avants turned her back on her Southern roots and became a homicide detective in Kern County, California after working for several years in her hometown of Mena, Arkansas.

Her parents are unhappy with her.  Their dream for her was always to settle down in Mena with a good husband and give them lots of grandbabies.  That isn’t what Annie wants for her life.  She’s happiest when she’s working to unravel the criminal minds of serial killers and protect his or her crime victims by putting together the pieces of criminal evidence that will help her solve the latest murder mystery that confronts her.

Her partner, Tom Weston, suffered his own life tragedy when his wife was killed on live camera TV during a bank hostage situation gone awry.

Deputy District Attorney Jesse Greyeyes wants to be District Attorney, and he wants Annie, but his Native American roots make him both arrogant, defensive, and unsure of himself.  And Annie is afraid if she commits to a relationship, Jesse will want to run her life.

Laine DelMonte, Chief of Technical Investigations is great at analyzing criminal evidence and has been instrumental in helping Annie and Tom solve their cases.  But, this beautiful Texas native has a secret that she’s kept hidden and she is always looking over her shoulder.

In this dusty farm community, someone is abducting and killing young Hispanic females. The weapon of choice – black widow spiders.

The serial killer leaves no clues and very little trace evidence.  Annie, Tom, and their friends and colleagues are at a loss as to how to proceed and panic mounts in the streets of Bakersfield when a third girl goes missing.

Who will be next?

CAUSE OF DEATH is a spine-chilling detective thriller that keeps you guessing right up to the last minute – and makes you wonder about the “normal” people in YOUR daily life.

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